From sketch
to dummy

Our daily behavior and choices are based on customer satisfaction.

We are able to meet all requests from prototype, to sampling and production, and to find quick and customized solutions to satisfy even he most demanding customers.


100% Made in Italy

We guarantee a 100% Made in Italy production chain and a strict quality control, as all stages of the manufacturing process are carried out at our premises. Thanks to our high-skilled staff, we can take best care of our customers during all stages of production: the choice of yarn, weaving, cutting, tailoring, washing, ironing, testing, and shipping.

Machinery weaving department

Thanks to our internal staff entirely devoted to the production planning and to the continuous updating of the manufacturing processes and of our weaving machines (including the last generation electronic flat knitting machine with an inlay of 3 to 18 gg), we can make any type of knitting pattern, even the most complex and trendy, while guaranteeing the highest accuracy and on time delivery..