Thirty years of passion

Our company is the result of 30 years of passion, creativity, experimentation and innovation in the knitwear manufacturing.

The historical archive of the garments we have created and kept over the years, makes us relive the history of our country, reminds us of where we came from, makes us proud of what we have been able to realize so far and urges us to work at and live up to the future in our minds.


We are a family and devote to our creations the same care as for a new born creature.
Our company is deeply rooted in the economic reality of the country and takes special care of the health and safety issues of our employees and of the environmental protection.
Our professional competence, accuracy and attention to details coming from our experience, know-how and love for our work together with the use of the newest and high-tech equipment in a well-organized, mean and lean production facility are the best warranty for our customers.